Samantha McCartney   BMUS TCM HONS
Violin & Viola Tutor
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Why learn to play an instrument?

There are many good reasons to start playing an instrument, however the best reason is because you want to. Learning an instrument takes a lot of effort and will require a certain level of self discipline, but the benefits will eventually outweigh the effort required.

For children

Young children are still forming their thinking skills so learning an instrument at a young age can help with many aspects of development including co-ordination, listening and focus skills and helping with the development of analytical and language skills. Students who study instruments at a young age are more likely to be able to achieve the highest levels on their chosen instruments in their adult life. Students who study instruments and stick with it, are generally more able in core subjects such as English and Maths. This is probably because of the staying power requred to continue the study of an instrument to a high level.

For Adults

It is never too late to start learning to play a musical instrument. Learning an instrument is proven to be an excellent way to relieve stress and to help adults to think through issues of work and life. Learning a musical instrument can also help you to meet other people. As you develop your skill, you will want to seek opportunities to play with other instrumentalists in one of the many amateur orchestras and ensembles which operate throughout the country. This, you will find, is a very rewarding activity which is unequaled in any other type of interaction. There are also many health benefits associated with learning a musical instrument in later life.